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The Watchmaker's New Machine

by Loren DiGiorgi



The Watchmaker's New Machine
© 2020 Loren DiGiorgi

And now to the watchmaker
Lonely in his quarters sitting among the springs and sprockets and
tiny pliers and minute screwdrivers,
All alone late into the night and early morning hours,
blazing over his passion of the perfect device for tracking the
nonstop forward march of time,
who, upon receiving his delivery with anticipation and glee,
gazed wondrously upon the shiny new machine that was
now on his bench.

A marvelous machine it was, adorned with the very latest in spectral
technology to enable him to precisely and quickly carve his
eloquent craftsmanship into his timeless timepieces,
so that his customers could forever keep track as the minutes
slip away from their lives.

One adjustment, and then another, and another and another yet,
until finally a splendid mass of sprockets and springs and flywheels
and stems and hands and faces took shape into its metallic and glass

And the machine spoke of its satisfaction and rewarded the spectacled
watchmaker with accolades and applause until finally the watchmaker,
exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, fell upon his cot into a
deep and comforting sleep.

The machine stared straight ahead, full of compliments and approval,
but with no one awake to receive them.

It was a long night for the watchmaker's new machine.


released July 30, 2020
Written and produced by Loren DiGiorgi.
© 2020 Loren DiGiorgi


all rights reserved



Loren DiGiorgi Pennsylvania

Music to me has always represented a moment in time. A memory, an emotion, a feeling...all captured in notes, rests, melodies, chords, and rhythms. Each composition forever attached to that particular moment. Here I present these musical moments of my life. ... more

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